Fitstore Partners Conference N2

Fitstore Partners Conference N2
  • Fitstore Partners Conference N2

Fitstore Partners Conference N2

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Fitstore Partners Conference No.2

You will get the private Youtube video link with the online Conference record.

At the second event we will talk more about the ways to adjust the trainings to the current obstcales and discuss tha ways how trainers could help their clients to get rid of stress and tension that get stored in their bodies.

The first speaker of the event - Matt Gleed, TRX Master Trainer with the session "Online training: secrets of success"!

Join to understand the key areas that you need to know and do to make sure you are moving forwards in a time of huge technology acceptance. His background: Matt is an award winning Master Trainer, ambassador and education specialist. With over 20 years’ experience working directly with fitness companies and clients like international athletes and representing or consulting for several leading brands, numerous Health Clubs and independent studios in the health & fitness industry. With a high presence in fitness media, and regularly contributing expert comment to press. He is a guest lecturer at Brighton University on a Physiotherapy course, and has  presented at key industry events internationally, including the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) TOM Conference (USA) and the European Medical conference (Romania). Matt won the UK Fitness Contributor of the Year Award, and last year was nominated for the National Fitness Associations Outstanding Achievement Award (December 2020 although it was cancelled).

The second speaker of the event - Sven Badtke,  Theragun Master trainer! 

Sven is a well-known German Sports Nutritionist & Performance Coach - working together with entrepreneurs, sports professionals  & everyday athletes. He started to coach school soccer teams at the age of 16. Since then he knew he really cared about helping people to reach their goals. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, he traveled the world to get to know different cultures and to eat a lot of food. Once back in Germany he began his career as a health professional. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, Diploma in Performance Nutrition

Video Length

2 lectures in one video - 1 hour and 57min 

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