HydroMassage® 340 Bed With Internal Cooling System

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Alan ammattilaisten suosima brändi
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Alan ammattilaisten suosima brändi
Alan ammattilaisten suosima brändi
Fitstore.fi on virallinen jälleenmyyjä
Fitstore.fi on virallinen jälleenmyyjä

As the industry pioneer, the HydroMassage 340/350 models are best equipped to meet the needs of any worldwide fitness club, chiropractic office, salon, hotel—and especially, your business.


  • Open, Bed-Style Design 
    Achieve complete flexibility and comfort with a relaxing massage experience.
  • Smooth Wave Traveling Massage
    Jets move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water, giving the user control of where to concentrate the massage.
  • Water Through Air Technology 
    The user rests comfortably above the water level, providing stability and delivering maximum potential massage pressure.
  • LED Lighting
    The panel lighting can be adjusted at any time to coordinate with your room decor and color schemes.


  • Complete Personalization 
    Allowing real-time adjustment, the touchscreen is the most technologically advanced water-massage interface on the market.
  • Multimedia Content Library 
    Users may enhance their experience with relaxation videos, music, wellness articles, games, e-books and internet access.
  • Preset Massage Programs 
    Users may create and save their own ideal massage or select from a range of pre-programmed massage.


  • Staff Control 
    Proprietary HydroMassage desktop software connects directly to your front desk, giving your staff full control over activating the units.
  • Member Management 
    Your staff has the ability to set up individual user accounts with external timers, a token system and currency acceptors.

Hydromassage therapy

In a hydromassage chair therapy, heated water jets move back and forth all over your body. A hydromassage chair brings along a waterproof barrier, so there’s no way it could wet you while giving you a body massage.

The pressure of water jets of a hydromassage chair can be altered. This way, you can have your very own customized body massage.

HydroMassage benefits

  • Pain management
  • The lukewarm water used in a hydromassage therapy helps provide oxygen to your shoulders, neck, back, and limbs while releasing muscle and joint tension and alleviating pain in the meantime.
  • Body Cleansing
  • Harmful toxins are eliminated from the muscles and tissues in a hydromassage with the help of water pressure. It improves the circulation of lymphatic flow while releasing body wastes.
  • Better Blood Circulation
  • Hydromassage provides incredible muscle warm-up. It also speeds up the healing process in case of any muscle injuries or body knots in general.
  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • 15-20 minutes of hydromassage is famously known for its stress-relieving properties. It works against stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins in the bloodstream.

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