How to improve coordination, speed, strength and health with SKLZ products?

How to improve coordination, speed, strength and health with SKLZ products?

In this article we offer a brief overview of the 4 main areas to improve for optimal sports performance - coordination, strength, speed and health. We hope this article will help you to understand the essentials of sports performance improvement. Take a look at the SKLZ training accessories and how they can help you improve coordination, health, strength and speed.


There are usually four main areas that need to be improved to achieve the best results in sports - coordination, health, strength and speed:


The aim of coordination training is to develop flexibility, balance, agility, precision and breathing. It helps to optimize body function, movement control and improve technique in these areas. Ideal for preparing for team sports, racket sports (tennis, badminton, paddle tennis etc.), golf, combat sports or simply to restore harmony in the body and strengthen it while having fun.


This section covers all areas related to prevention, rehabilitation and recovery. The aim is to protect the body, restore it or optimize health and sports performance. Ideal for restoring physical ability after injury or surgery or simply to look after your body and keep fit.


The aim of strength training is to functionally strengthen the muscles and improve core strength and posture. Ideal for preparing for mountain sports (skiing, climbing, mountaineering etc.), combat sports or simply for toning the body.


Speed training refers to improving heart rate, endurance and explosiveness. These activities aim to develop physical condition and improve the body's energy functioning. Ideal for preparing for endurance sports (running, cycling, swimming etc.) or simply to lose or control weight.


For all those who make physical activities and sport an integral part of their daily routine, it is more or less obvious how to develop speed, improve strength and maintain health. But coordination involves a bit more specific information, that's why we want to explain more what coordination is and what the two main types of coordination are.

Coordination is the physical quality that helps an athlete to understand and control a precise movement or action so that it can be performed with minimal physical effort. More specifically, it is the way you combine the movements of different parts of your body to achieve the most accurate result without exerting more effort than necessary. 

There are two types of coordination associated with a sporting activity - 'general' coordination and 'specific' coordination - but each of them works on the basis of the same neuromuscular patterns.

An example of general coordination is when you try to turn one hand on your stomach and tap your head with the other hand. With practice you will get there: you will have improved your right/left coordination.

Driving a car is an example of the specific coordination found in everyday life: your attention is focused on the external environment, your hands turn the steering wheel right or left, and your right hand sometimes moves down towards your hip to push or pull the gear lever, all at the same time as your feet are controlling the pedals. When you were learning to drive, it all seemed too much to imagine that you could do it all at the same time, the instructor took control of the pedals, and every hour behind the wheel was exhausting. Today, once you are trained, driving has become second nature to you. In sport, special training is used, for example in handball, when, as you keep running forward, you have to catch the ball from the player on your right: your lower body stays facing forward and you run fast while your torso and shoulders turn to the right and your arms tighten at the right moment to catch the airborne ball. It takes a lot of training to achieve this, and even more practice is needed to achieve this while paying minimal attention to the catch (which should happen unnoticed if possible!) so that the focus is instead on the action and the opponents. If you think about it, that's very impressive!  


SKLZ is a sports performance-oriented brand specialising in products suitable for speed and agility, coordination and strength training and also body recovery. SKLZ works with professional coaches and sports teams to develop product innovations and find the best solutions to offer their customers the highest quality sports equipment.

The SKLZ product range includes all the training accessories you need to improve your training skills and performance:

  1. Different speed ladders and hurdles, cones, reaction balls etc. to improve your speed and agility.
  2. Reaction balls, balance pods etc. to improve coordination.
  3. Resistance and fitness bands to improve body strength.
  4. For body recovery after an intense workout we recommend to use SKLZ self-massage tools as foam rollers, massage bars and balls etc.